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Position Name Ext Email Address Direct Number
President Byrl H (Trey) Burdick 303 trey@burdickinc.com 915-317-5082
Vice-President Bruce Burdick 302 bruce@burdickinc.com 915-317-5081
Sec-Tres Byrl H Burdick Jr Retired    
Outside Sales Robert (Bob) Mowry - bob@burdickinc.com 915-487-2467
Sales Oscar Hernandez Retired    
Sales Jesus(Jay) Barron 315 jay@burdickinc.com 915-317-5110
Sales Gilbert Barron 304 gilbert@burdickinc.com 915-317-5084
Purchasing Michele Amezcua 306 michele@burdickinc.com 915-317-5089
AR/AP Rosa Carlos 307 rosa@burdickinc.com 915-317-5094
Reception Judy Muñiz 301 judy@burdickinc.com 915-249-3751
Warehouse Foreman Andy Alonso 313   915-317-5104
Repair Dept. Gabriel Diaz 314 gabriel@burdickinc.com 915-317-5107

Fax Numbers

Department Fax Number Email Address
Sales Fax numbers no longer available. sales@burdickinc.com
Accounts Receivable ar@burdickinc.com
Accounts Payable ap@burdickinc.com